Frequently Asked Question

Q. How long does sugaring last?

A. About 3-4 weeks.


Q. Will the hair grow back darker and coarser?

A. Your hair will grow back thinner and there may be less hair growth.


Q.Does sugaring hurt?

A. All hair removal is somewhat uncomfortable, but Sugaring Hair Removal is way better than waxing! 


    Q. Will I get ingrown hairs from sugaring? 

    A. Because sugaring removes hair in the direction of growth you will be MUCH less likely to experience ingrown hairs than you would be with waxing or shaving.


    Q. I do not have a microwave, how would I heat up my wax?

    A. No worries, place some cold water into a saucepan -bring to boil for about 10-15mins till wax is runny (like honey).


    Q. What makes sugaring different than waxing?

    A. Sugaring is longer-lasting, exfoliates while removing the first layer of dead skin cells, and is 100% pure and organic. It is more sanitary because there is no double dipping. Additionally, shorter hair can be extracted. Sugaring is water-soluble and easy to remove from clothing.


    Q. Is sugaring safe? 

    A. Yes! Sugaring is all natural and generally consists of sugar, lemon juice, and water. Sugaring wraps itself around the hair shaft making it pliable and gently encourages the extraction of hair deep inside the follicles. Our Sugar is also bacteria resistant.


    Q. I am pregnant; is it safe to sugar?

    A. Many pregnant women still enjoy sugaring treatments. There is no reason to stop sugaring treatments during your pregnancy, but remember, everyone's pregnancy is different so please ask your doctor first! 


    Q. How long is the shelf life of the sugar wax?

    A. The official shelf life is 12 months after opening but our wax can last much longer if stored and handled correctly. Avoid any contamination and contact with water and close the lid immediately after using the paste. Store your sugar paste jar in the fridge or cool dry place.


    Q. Can men use it?

    A. Yes. It is so effective that it will remove even coarse male hair. In fact, many sugaring users are male body builders and athletes. There are only 2 exceptions: The beard and the testicles.


    Q. Is it ok to have sex the same day I get my bikini sugared?

    A. Medical experts recommend waiting for 24-48 hours after any type of bikini line hair removal. During this time period your body can be most susceptible to outside bacteria, which can potentially cause an infection. For your safety and health, it is better to abstain and your skin will thank you for getting some time to recover.