The Waxing Kit

The Waxing Kit

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The Waxing Kit


Our organic Sugar Waxing is a hair removal technique that uses an all-natural wax to pull off body hair. The wax consists of only three ingredients: lemon, sugar, and water. That's it! There are no additives or chemicals, making it a natural alternative and more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional hair removal. 


A jar of Sugar Wax 250ml

5 Waxing Sticks

5 Reusable fabric waxing strips 


Step 1: Wash and dry desired area.

Step 2: Heat wax in microwave for 15-30 seconds- Stir till runny ( a little like honey).

Step 3: Use the wax stick to apply a generous amount evenly onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth, make sure you blow the wax so it is not too hot when applied onto the skin. Quickly cover with fabric wax strip (optional). Wait approximatly 5-10 seconds before taking the wax off- then lift the edges with your fingers and remove by gripping the wax and pulling in the direction of the hair growth.

Sugar wax Ingredients: Sugar, Lemon Juice and water 100% Natural.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight